Me at Bryce Canyon

Hi, I'm Bryan. I'm a web developer.

I'm currently using HTML - CSS - JAVASCRIPT to create and learn.

I'm looking for a front end role where I can learn and grow as a developer.

I have a background in mechanics and have been working as a mechanic for the last 10 years. I have learned valuable problem solving skills in my industry. Those skills tranfer to web development perfectly as I know that there are several different ways to solve a problem and I'm great at finding the most efficient solution.

I'm a fun, easy going person. I get along well with just about anybody. I have great communication skills. I work well in a team setting or along. I prefer to work in a team setting where I can bounce ideas off of co-workers and also help co-workers when they're stuck on a problem.

My hobbies include riding dirt bikes, camping, almost anything outdoors related. I love music. Anything from chill lofi tunes to metal.